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2018-11-06 21:42:55 (UTC)

Did great at the gym today

So today, our instructor had us warm up. Then he went and had us chose three numbers. We ended up picking 17, 6, and 14. Coach told us that meant 17 jumping jacks, 6 drop squats, and 14 burpees. After that, take a lap around the building. So..... of all the peeps in the gym, guess who took the lap first and guess whom finished first? Yup! Moi! There are a lot of peeps way younger than I am. I'm old. Yet, there I was. I beat out everyone!! haha. Love it. Not sure how long I can keep this up and don't know how I haven't been injured yet but I am kicking butt and loving the gym!!! It was a good day at the gym :)

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