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2018-11-06 06:22:22 (UTC)

Mentally prepping for the Holidays

Well, I have to admit. I'm a little nervous about the upcoming holidays and my mental status. Yeah, I'm good but I know far too well that the holidays can be a lonely time for some peeps. I'm sure weather I like it or not, memories will flow into my head and I need to be ready. My birthday is also coming up in Dec. So Thanksgiving last year I spent it at what's her face's house and family. Christmas, New Years, Valentines, then what's her face's birthday is in March sometime. Ugh..... I better suck it up buttercup. But I know all too well that everyone that has recently broken up, this will be difficult for all of us in that same ass situation.

I hope to turn that shit around. I watched so many helpful youtube videos so I should have the tools and mentality to deal with it. I'm really hoping to not fall down. So... I gave out my phone number and email to that one person on zoosk that is also from Hawaii. Hope she emails or calls me soon. It'd be cool to start a new thing and live life with new future memories :)