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2018-11-04 22:41:40 (UTC)

The day got even better

So.... since I've broken up with my ex gf, life has been a little challenging. I went on a couple of online dating sites because what the heck? Do or don't? What's right or not right? I figure what the heck. Won't hurt to try. Well, I thought maybe I was wrong because if you don't hook up, what little confidence you have left will be shot to shit!!! Not the case though.

So I was bumping into a lot of white women. I'd say 97% are all white. Nothing wrong with that and I like them as they are mostly all very pretty. But I'm not white. I'm from Hawaii. I understand that is how life is. I did find some that wanted to meet and stuff. However, I finally found one that has potential. She told me that she too is from Hawaii. In fact, we lived on the same island and maybe only about 20 miles away from each other. Now we are both here in Sacramento and again, we are about only 20 miles away from each other.

She is pretty. No, she is beautiful. Now I know this don't mean shit. We just started chatting but it's my diary so let me enjoy my freaking moment. She is pretty is where I believe we left off. Not to compare but she's prettier than "what's her face" aka: my ex gf. Nicer body too. Sorry if that sounds like a pig but hey, it don't hurt if I'm lucky enough to find someone that is cuter than the last. Better than finding someone nice that is not a pretty right? haha.

We're both busy. I got my dart league tomorrow then ukulele lessons on Tuesday. Wednesday, I'm supposed to hook up with friends to go to some fanky-smancy restaurant. Thursday, I'm hosting a pot luck for an ex gym member that will be back in Sacramento to visit for a couple of days. So maybe next Friday, I will be able to go on a date.

Life is perhaps finally turning around for me. There are ups and downs in life I know this. I understand this is how it is. I'm just hoping that this is the upswing in life for me. Had enough downswings so an upswing would be sweet. I am loving life even though I'm not doing the best I can be right now. My friend at the gym said this and I believe. "This too shall pass". Life will go on and I can't wait for my next chapter in life to open up :)

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