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2018-11-05 00:45:25 (UTC)

October 20, 2018 Sad Story

Dear Online Diary Family,
I want to share a sad story about my missed the Esteban's birthday party got missed going on there. So, Esteban passed out for the invitations for everybody neither for the boys. Then, I was picking out a dress, and I was wearing a Velvet Floral Dress with a Black Metallic Heels and also a cardigan and it was super cold as well. Then I walked into Esteban's birthday party with my baby, and everyone shocked at us about Esteban's 23rd birthday, and no body wanted to invite some boys to came over, and it was super late. Then, his mom came us for inviting over for the celebration birthday party house and it was 4-10pm only, and I came in for about 3:10pm in the afternoon. Then everyone wanted to hide around the house, and his mom got super mad at us, and I was crying, and Esteban kicked me out, and also my baby and Sammy too. Then, when I got home, I rushed upstairs, and I was gonna cut my hair off for the 1 inch before my mom gets really upset and anxious so. Esteban texted me again and it says on my message: "Do not invite my birthday party again!" , and I was saying "Shut the fucking up!" I angered alot for getting the fist turned also red, throwing rocks at the neigbor's windows, and it was the fucking horrible week I've ever had!
- Mariana