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2018-11-04 19:47:24 (UTC)

Birth Control

Dear journal,

I've been off birth control for a few months now. And the only reason is because I'm no longer on insurance and it costs... A lot. Well, maybe not a lot lot but a lot let's say about one hundred and something dollars ( I don't know the actual price) and that my mother don't have. So, my period haven't been on ever since.

I've e been under so much stress lately with homework. And just school. And trying to find a job. Still haven't heard anything from Chick-fil- A on Ann Street. I don't wanna be stuck at home all day with nothing to do all the time. It's getting rather boring. Even though I do enjoy it from time to time.

Today's my dad's birthday. I called him as soon as I got up about an hour ago to wish him a birthday. I wanted to see him next weekend. Haven't seen him in a while. I miss him lots. I live with my mom btw. Me and my annoying, disrespectful, brother of mines. I have two brothers. The other one is living with my dad currently and just living the life. He's what you call it a "popular kid" at his school. Football. He even has a girlfriend. And all the friends that even I could ask for. Very outgoing and is such an extrovert ( which is basically the same thing). And well I'm not all those things. I'm the opposite. He's one lucky bastard. I sometimes wish I was him. But a girl version of him. I guess I just gotta stand out more but that I'm even to shy to even do.

I'm off topic here. But anyways, what we were talking about. Oh yea birth control pills. I haven't had sex with my boyfriend... Yet. I guess we're just waiting for the right moment and if we're ever alone to ACTUALLY have sex.

I need a car. I need my driver's license. I need a job. I need everything. But I can't do that unless I actually " apply" myself. Amd I'm trying I really am. I guess I need to try even harder than, I'm already am.

I don't know if, I'm ever ready to live on my own. But I'm only 20 years old and living with my mom. That doesn't sound to bad. I know adults that's even older than, me who lives with their parents.

I talked to Brian yesterday well texted him on messenger. He's training to be a police officer. That's pretty cool and his sister ( that is my friend ) is a security guard. I guess it's in the blood. I wouldn't think she knows that I'm talking to him. We're just friends anyways even though he just confessed his feelings for me. He's white. That I don't have a problem with. But we're JUST FRIENDS. Maybe even best friends I suppose. We've known each other for a REALLY long time. Too long. I to also wondered what it would be like if, we will ever actually meet each other in person one day for the first time in like forever.

Will it be weird ???

I have a habit of making things weird. Especially when it comes to guys.

Me and my boyfriend on the other hand don't really say much when texting. He would rather call me and see me in person. He's that kind of guy.

Anyways, that's all I have for Now. Until next time.

Write more as soon as possible


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