Scream Above the Sounds
2018-11-04 15:26:30 (UTC)

The Weekend

Where to begin?

I met my friend in town about 3:30pm, Friday afternoon. We grabbed some lunch at 'Five Guys', arguably one of the best burger places I've ever been to, besides maybe MaxBurger when I visited Sweden. It's pricey but it's honestly worth it. 'Bang for your buck' I think one of the reviews was. It's hard to disagree, the place is great. We then got on the bus and headed back to mine so he could drop all of his stuff off. He had visited before but I think he was impressed with the place, the city that is, not my house. He was in a much better mind frame this time around. The last time he visited he was going through a really nasty break up, so he couldn't enjoy himself as much.

We watched a bit of Blizzcon prior to the party. Blizzcon is usually one of my favourite times of the year, but not this year. I'm not really invested in any Blizzard titles at the minute. They did make two announcements that I was really impressed with though. They announced a remaster for Warcraft 3, something I've wanted for YEARS. I was really pleased with that. They also announced WoW: Classic will be dropping in the summer of next year. The date was to be expected but it's nice to have it confirmed. I didn't really read anything in regards to anything else. I feel pretty bad for Diablo fans though, yet again they've been screwed. Unless you enjoy mobile games.....

House party wasn't due to start until about 7:30pm. The house party flopped massively but in a way I was glad. I had a ton of messages throughout the night of people saying they couldn't make it. Some were probably genuine, some maybe not so much. I know one of my friends started a new job, others couldn't get child care for the night etc. It didn't matter though. About 9 people showed up and we had a pretty great night. I was happy with who came. I feel if everybody DID come, the house would have been in such a state. I was cleaning up for hours. We played some drinking games though, I busted out some Guitar Hero. My friend had some sort of weird drinking game app on his phone which involved people doing some pretty bizarre stuff. Like my friend drinking from his shoe.....that was vile. Everybody was in such a state and I don't think the party wound down until about 3-4am.

We were ridiculously hungover on the Saturday morning. I didn't get out of bed until at least 1pm, I was a state. My parents got home at like 3:30pm and I ended up having a full on screaming match with them because they couldn't find a TV remote and that was apparently my fault. Bear in mind, I didn't see the remote the previous day at all. It sounds like a petty argument and it really was but they were just shouting at me for no reason. I could write more about it but it honestly isn't worth it. Long story short, I told them to grow the fuck up. They eventually found it, and all was well. Ridiculous argument though.

Me and my friend watched two of the Premier League football games yesterday. He's from Newcastle so we watched Newcastle/Watford. Newcastle have been having a nightmare of a season, they hadn't even won a game, until yesterday. They FINALLY bagged a win. They didn't deserve it and Watford will be gutted not to come away with three points. I was pretty pleased for my friend. I'm not a Newcastle fan by any stretch but I've seen them be relegated from the Premier League before and I can remember how distraught my friend was. It was a grim time. We then watched Arsenal/Liverpool, the first half anyway. I've probably already mentioned that I'm an Arsenal fan somewhere in these entries. It was 0-0 at half time and we had to make a move into town so we could get to the venue to watch WWE.

We left for the bus stop and I checked the timetable. "Bus should be 4 minutes". We ended up waiting almost 20 minutes and at least two buses should have gone past us. Neither had. Time was ticking and we were getting pretty worried that we were going to be late. My friend suggested getting an Uber but they apparently didn't come to my area, typical! I had to ring my dad to take us into town. After our heated argument earlier, I was adamant he would probably say "Fuck off" if I rang him. But low and behold, he came to our rescue. We made it into town and got to the arena with about 10 minutes to spare. I was pretty stoked, this was going to be my first pro wrestling event. I've been a fan since about 97-98 but I'd never really had anybody to go with.

We got into the arena but were a bit confused trying to find our seats. It turned out people were already sitting where we were supposed to be, so Aaron naturally told them to hop it and move. He's not shy at all. The event was brilliant. I was a bit sceptical about how the crowd would be. UK crowds tend to usually be good though. Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy opened up the show and they really got the crowd going. The atmosphere was incredible. It was a really great experience to see so many people who I've followed for years, so close up. We paid £50 for our tickets so we were pretty close to the ring. I would definitely go again. I recorded some of the entrances on my Snapchat. I didn't get too involved with the chants, that isn't really me. I did shout a little when my boy Andrade 'Cien' Almas came out though. I was gutted Zelina Vega didn't appear with him though, that woman has my heart. She is stunning.

We got some food in town afterwards. He settled for a Wok to Walk whilst I went to Chicken Cottage, which turned out to be a big mistake on my part. I obviously wandered into the place with the rowdiest guy I had ever seen. He didn't even look like a hard man, he looked like a chess player. He had a really bad attitude and his girlfriend was clearly scared of him. They were both ridiculously drunk. I was in too deep to leave now so I went in and ordered food. I watched what was happening between them at the corner of my eye. I heard "Try that again mate, I'll knock you the fuck out". I turned around fully and some guy was on the floor, covered in blood. The guy serving me at the tills looked me dead in the eye and said "What the fuck?", I just responded "You should probably get a bouncer", he agreed, haha. My mate came over from Wok to Walk and said he saw some guys arguing and having a fight too. I had a feeling they were probably the same group of lads.

We got the last bus home and we chilled out for a bit. I put on UFC 230 and we watched a few of the fights before falling asleep, in separate beds, for the record! I wanted to stay up to watch the Daniel Cormier fight but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I've seen the results but I'll probably watch it after I finish writing this entry. I've got a ton of work to crack on with and I want to play some Final Fantasy. Decisions decisions, Edward. So it's Sunday, I've just got back from taking my friend to the train station, as he makes his change at Birmingham and then back to Newcastle. It was a great weekend. I loved having him here again, especially in a much better mood than last year. I'll have to hopefully visit Newcastle sometime. Especially if I want to consider University there.


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