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2018-11-03 19:30:29 (UTC)

Another good day

Woke up and went to my crossfit this morning. Then I went home to get ready for this afternoon's hike in Grass Valley CA. An old mine that got turned into a museum. There are some hiking trails and sites where they used to drill for gold. After that, we went to town for ice cream. Then we went to Nevada City. Supposedly, there was a celebration going on today but there wasn't so we just ate Mexican food.

I am more and more at peace in my head so I can tell I'm getting better. I have so much to do at home but I'm tired now and lazy too. Need to get the kayak rack off of my suv and taking the extra lights off of it too. Friend is going to pick it up anytime soon. I will be down to just one car after that. Yipes!!!

I'm throwing a pot luck this Thursday and the house looks meh! I haven't practiced my ukulele lately so I need to practice that too. I haven't picked up my darts in so long and I have my dart league this Monday. We are in first place currently but won't be if I don't practice. I'm just tired from all the stuff I did today