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2018-11-03 17:04:53 (UTC)

Taking my time with myself

Taking my time with myself, am going mention my homie girl Alisha I haven't talk to an month, I have been talking for a whole week again. She and I close like my sis. So many conversations about high school days with one teacher that she brought up was Mr.G our math teacher , she wanted to look see where he has been doing? We were both his student, i didn't realize that till that vary moment. Man i can say he doesn't age he got good genes. Anyway he was big influence to me and her, whiling being in college they've been bout eight good professors that really care about there students. No one can really steal that from me.... So since then, things has been uncontrollable but others been restless but am done with that. I just want build my life together. I don't want anything big anymore am over it! I'm 24 and still working build my career and hopefully can be able to comfortable in that! Tbh am done with romantic its not interesting to me more mystery and comedy girl. I cant really stomach romantic, is that horrible? its the truth! I have did have that type of love but its on pause ... I bet you what know what happen rest of October and now November still not ready to tell you. It been busy time for me and lately am not speaking about it somewhat easier to do... So where I didn't think vanish is good. I am official ready to met someone new? I need that in my life right now. I look at my past and say thank you and now let me go into my future please. I want my family at 28, I just what I want that, am not like before, I want chapters of my life to be mine...See you guys soon, almost finals here again , so pray for me and give me good vibes! Oh yeah my sis coming over next weekend...Take care Foreseen shadow