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2018-11-02 20:37:40 (UTC)

good day

Well, it was a good day at work today. The crossfit class was even better. My clique were there and we had our usual fun working out. I went early and stayed late so it was closer to 2 hrs of workout for me.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I got a very nice hit on zoosk. Yup, I'm dong the online thing. She is from Hawaii just like I am. Weird how we found each other her in California. We lived less than 20 miles away when we both lived in Hawaii. Anyway, she is a cutie. I have no dreams of living happily ever after. I just like the fact that she is pretty and she is wanting to go out with me. haha. So I know I shouldn't make my worth by whom I can date. I know that. I realize that. Still, she is a cutie and I feel pretty pretty good right now :)