Do Not Disturb

2018-11-01 16:57:25 (UTC)

Tell Me Why

Dear journal,

As I looked through my Facebook page, I had gotten a notification that one of my ex's liked my status that says in a relationship with ( insert person's name here ). I to wondered if, he can go and like my recent photos...... But thats just weird of him to just pop up like that. I've always had recent ex's trying to come back into my life for no reason at all. But once you break up with me. You break up with me.

But this time I broke up with him. I liked him I Did don't give me wrong. It was a long distance kind of relationship and things weren't just working out and by not working out I mean him telling me what to do wanting to know my every move and wanting to know where I was and where I went. I was getting sick and tired of him controlling me. So I dumped him simple as that. And this is the same guy that took me to my 12th grade Prom when I didn't have a date and I am forever grateful for that. But it just weren't meant to be. I had my reasons.

Then, he started re appear back into my life but knowingly I wasn't about to let that happen. So, once again I blocked him. The last phone I had before got lost. Or even worse stolen. But luckily it's off so no one would get into it. By the end of the year I gotten a new phone.. Nothing special... Same old same old. I logged into yet ANOTHER Facebook account ( who knows how many I have now ). I went and blocked every single person that I had from my recent Facebook page because somehow someway it wouldn't let me log back in and I even tried resetting my password to a more easier a simple password but nothing. So I said fuck it and created a new one.

I honestly thought I blocked him but when I looked through my block list I didn't. I tried blocking him when I searched his name but nothing. He couldn't have possibly blocked me otherwise he wouldnt have liked my status or looked at my page.

What if, he looked at both me and the guy that I am now in a relationship page with ??? Because if, he didn't like I said before he wouldn't have liked my status with the ( insert person name here ).

Gosh, I hate when things like this happen. My ex's trying to re appear in my life.

Does that mean anything ???

I don't think so. If so then it's already to late.

Me and my boyfriend been together for now going on 5 months ( even though it feels like forever with him ). And nothing I mean nothing's gonna ruin what we have all because some ex had liked my status. And besides I can't even see that he liked it ( which is a good thing ). He's a great guy ( my boyfriend) . He likes taking me out places. And even though he doesn't have a car... Or a job. He always finds a way to spend time with me and see me I mean if, that isn't love then I don't know what is.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One