Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-10-31 23:24:55 (UTC)

Home Alone

It's day 3 of having the house to myself. I enjoyed it at first but now I just feel really sad and isolated. My bedroom is chilling to the core, it's absolutely freezing in here. I'm sat here in two layers and I have a dressing gown on, I'm really feeling my age. The window has been broken for a while so it doesn't close properly. The heating doesn't do anything in this room, so I slept in my parents bedroom last night. It just feels so weird and haunting walking around an empty, dark house. I could invite people over but I doubt anybody would want to anyway. Tomorrow is the day I'll actually get on and do some work. I don't have much left to do so I'll blitz it tomorrow, then I'll be all set to meet my friend on Friday and the house party that follows.

I haven't really got much else to talk about tonight. Usually I can find myself rambling but tonight, I've got nothing. I've only just remembered that it's Halloween tonight, I haven't done anything. That's pretty sad. I do love dressing up and stuff but I haven't been invited anywhere and I haven't got a costume anyway. I seem to dress up as Darth Vader every year and it's just boring now. I'll find out quite early tomorrow if I'm going to see my friend for Chinese food, but it's unlikely. She will probably be too busy. If she is, it just gives me more of an incentive to focus on getting some work done. I'm actually disappointed that this is all I'm managing to write tonight. I'm going to cook myself a meal and probably retire to bed. It's been a boring day.


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