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2018-10-31 06:20:57 (UTC)

Slept well last night

Feels like I'm somewhat rejuvenated. That speaker on youtube really makes sense. It was pretty deep thinking but I think I got it. Also, my breakup pain whether it be breakup, anxiety, stress or whatever is down big time. I can breath a freaking sigh of relief now. I hope it's not a temp thing and that I do see the big picture but the relief was almost instant. I think when you read or listen to someone and it makes sense that you believe it in your heart and soul, it's easier to digest.

So, I feel like I took a turn. I'm actually able to get it into 2nd gear now :) Thank goodness man. I was getting really worried about my mental state of mind. I'm a Network Engineer and it requires some analytical thinking and mistakes are too easy if you aren't focused. I know it's still a long ways to go and that battle is long from over but at least i feel I got some tools and a game plan now.