The Queen

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2018-10-21 01:03:53 (UTC)

20th Oct

Dear Silkworm,
This is how my life has turned in the course of 22 years. I am unable to confess anything. Perhaps .. I don't understand myself, how can anyone else? They tell me I do nothing and then they invite me just so they could say it again that I just come and eat . It gets harder to swallow a spoonfull from his earning . Here I'm 22 still dependent . I know 3/4 of them tutor or whatever. Me ? I'm still dependent . Freedom. To attain freedom one must do something. I wish I could just get out of this place and only return till I could do something for myself . Out and about in this sick country.
I can't confess anyhting without being made to feel bad in return except she wouldn't do it but how else would I feel bad . Either way there's a group of school mateys now.