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2018-10-26 02:14:06 (UTC)

Response from Ex GF

Well, I didn't expect it but I got a response from my ex gf. She says she like the posts I've been putting up on FB. Pics are looking good on my new phone. She also added that she still feels the same she did when we broke up. A generic answer saying she has no time for a relationship at the moment. She needs to focus on her home and family. Such a generic answer but it was an answer. She has a 23 yr old daughter that suffers from anxiety attacks or whatever. She can't really function on her own. Not sure what happened to her but I liked her. Good kiddo but she was on anti-depression or anxiety pills. The other kiddo is a 9 yr old boy. Typical 9 yr old boy and he's cool. Then there is her Mom that has her own place and is retired. I don't know of anything wrong with her. So I still scratch my head wondering how she can say that as we've been together for almost a year juggling love life with family life. I don't buy it but at the same time, I realize even if I heard the truth, it won't matter and we would still be broken up. So I know I need to move on. Trying as best I can.

For now, I'm enjoying New York City on my vacation. Three more days here. Time is going by so fast.