Do Not Disturb

2018-10-26 08:05:17 (UTC)

3 AM

Dear journal,

I did terrible on ALL of my assignments that was more of a packet with at least 4 pages that my teacher had given me. It stressed me out. Now we have another assignment due next week and it's all about adjectives.

I don't get it. I seem to do so well on the tests but when it comes to doing homework I lose it. I felt lost. I was lost. Even after she tells us that we can use our notes. I hate to say this but I need tutoring. It's the only way that I'll pass the class and NOT fail. Maybe that'll help ease my stress a bit. Or I could just ask someone... A student that have a decent enough grade in that class. Still no call from Chick-fil-A about an interview. No email. No nothing.

My mom always tell me how I don't "apply" myself when it comes to searching for jobs. I do to. Except the part about me being shy. I'm trying my best here. But I guess I'm not trying hard enough.

Now on to the tea. The dude that looked at me said wassup... To Me. I didn't say anything. It's not that I didn't hear him. I did. I just looked at him...smiled a gentle smile.... And went about my business. He flirts with ALMOST every girl he sees. You would think I wasn't gonna let him flirt with me by any chance did you.

Me and my boyfriend are going to the movies tomorrow evening to see " A Star Is Born". I'll let you know how the movie went in a later advance. I've heard so many great things about it not only including the soundtrack. It's just amazing. It's a must see. Can't wait to ball my eyes out.

I'm craving for some Oreo Mcflurry right about now.

I know it's 3 in the morning and I'm rewatching 27 dresses for the a thousanth time. I don't see how my Grandma does it. Rewatch the same movies over and over again. I just can't do it. Theirs nothing their to watch anymore and we don't have cable... At least not yet ( which sucks).

I would get on my phone but I think my eyes are starting to shut open. Not close.... Open. It's officially glued. Well, that's enough starring at the screen for the night.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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