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2018-10-23 19:32:39 (UTC)


I think "Access" at my college is a no-go. I've done a bit of reading about it and I don't think it's a good idea for me. I spoke to my English teacher today about wanting to become a sports journalist, and looking for the best and most viable route to university. We spoke a little about Humanities because that was what he originally told me to read about. I did, it wasn't very appealing. I understood why he suggested it because it really is a fast-track to University but...there is nothing about that course that even remotely interests me! That...and I found out the course is like £350. It's History, Geography and other stuff that just...doesn't even come close to what I want.

Our Social Science teacher wasn't in today so we spent most of that lesson in the library until people decided they had had enough and went home. I lasted about an hour. I wasn't even doing any work, I was looking at the college website on things I could do instead of Access. I'm a little gutted that Access can't do anything for me but it's my fault for not reading into it enough. There are other things I can do with Access but again, they don't really appeal or offer anything to me in the direction I want to go. So it's likely going to be A-Levels for me. Both paths I take will guarantee University, but it's just how I go about doing them. A-Levels make more sense for me because it's cheaper, the subjects are £30 a pop and I would actually be learning about things I was interested in. I think I'm going to take English Language & Literature, Psychology and I'm unsure about a third lesson yet. I'm pretty sure you have to select three so I'll have a think about the last one. Possibly Media Studies. I have a BTEC in Media Studies but that's nothing to scream about, it's a load of crap really. The only downside to A-Levels is, it means I'll have to stay at the college for 2 years. So I won't see University until I'm 29 or 30. It sucks but what can you do?

I've asked a few people for advice and they've all suggested that I go for the A-Levels, I know it's the smarter choice. I don't see my actual registration tutor until Friday but I'll be sure to talk over things with her and see what she thinks. I just don't want to be studying forever! And if I AM studying for another year or two, I would much rather it be subjects that I'm interested in.

I need to start job hunting. I've been unemployed for almost 2 months now and whilst I know it isn't a big deal to my parents, it is to me. I'm a full time "mature student" so my parents are cutting me a lot of slack and I think they are really proud of me for trying to turn my life around and sort things out. That being said, my bank account is looking grimmer by the day. I need to find another weekend job whilst I keep studying. I can't NOT have money. Even though I'm studying full-time, I still feel like a bum. Having Tinder on my phone is a hoot too, if anybody was deranged enough to swipe right on me, they would eventually discover that I'm 27, I'm unemployed, I live with my parents and sleep in a single bed. Oh, how tragic, Edward.

I've got to sort my life out.