Do Not Disturb

2018-10-20 05:10:57 (UTC)

Mind Your Own Damn Business

Dear journal,

My mom kept asking what me and my boyfriend did while we were in MY room and I told her we were watching a movie and I was sitting in his lap and then she saw my shirt tucked in my tights and she was saying something about " disrespecting her house" when I live here too... Whatever. I just sat in his lap. That's it.

I can't wait till me and him have our own little place together. Then we can do whatever we want. We didn't even have sex. I just sat in his lap. She's making a big deal out of nothing and then I told her I was gonna take a bath and she was asking why and I told her I was just gonna take a bath and just because. I didn't tell her just because but you understand what I'm saying.

But like I'm 20 years old. But also I guess I understand from her point of view.


I can't wait until I have my own place.

Me and my boyfriend can never do anything. The only thing we do is kiss and hug. We never been alone to even have sex. Because we never did. I mean yea we touched each other but that's about close as we gotten to sex.

I haven't had sex in months since my last ex ( and no I'm not using him for sex I ACTUALLY truly love him even though I'm liking other guys but I'm not the only one that does this ) and me and both him and I use to have sex all the time. It felt good I must admit. His dick was long. My boyfriend dick now... Not as long as the last one but I can get around to it. I really shouldn't be exposing him like this.... Or even worse me. But this is a diary after all. An online diary.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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