Experienced Life
2018-10-19 19:02:40 (UTC)

After gym class

AAaaaaahhh. After work, went to the gym and did my crossfit thing. Today was called booty Friday. Obviously, they focus on the lower body muscles. Lots of squats, core, leg workouts. I give it all I got!!! Now I'm home and feeling oh so good :) Feeling so relaxed and I know this'll pay off and only enhance my body more. I love this. That's why I go almost everyday. The body normally takes 23 hrs to recover but on Saturdays, the classes are only offered during the day. So, I'll be there tomorrow with some sore lower body aches but still loving it. I now for a fact that it's so helpful in dealing with depression, anxiety, and all that crappy self destructive feelings that we all feel.

So if you folks are going through some tough times, go to the gym. Not just a gym where you go and workout yourself. Go to an instructor led class type of workout. You become friends with the other gym peeps and have a workout at the same time. What gym do you know where you get to socialize and workout. Not a meat market environment but almost somewhat a social club. I love my gym.

Yeah, I got issues with current events but this makes it manageable. I wouldn't know what the heck I'd be doing if I didn't go to the gym and having to deal with a breakup. Tomorrow, I have some peeps coming to a special "bring a friend" type workout where you can brings friends over without having to join. Just a once in awhile thing so they get a taste of it.

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