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2018-10-18 17:34:44 (UTC)

I don't like him anymore

Dear journal.

I change my mind. I don't like him anymore. Tuesday I saw him in class and I thought he was gonna sit next to me but turned out he sat next to this other white girl instead... Her name is Kaitlyn and talked to her. I mean why should I even care I have a boyfriend that I claim to love and he loves me. But I mean is he waiting on me to make a move. Maybe. Idk. He'll talk to everyone in the room.... Except me. At least Barely.

I don't even deserve a boyfriend when I'm always liking other guys besides wanting to be with my boyfriend and I do I really do. And I love him I really do. I can't help it. But just did I do something wrong to upset the man.

Idk. I wanna talk to him so bad but you see I always get nervous around guys that I " like ". I hate that I do. And I'm also quite shy. Maybe I should just get up the courage to tell him how I feel. But then again he doesn't know me. And I don't know him. We could start a conversation. But if he haven't tried talking to me that means... He's not interested.

What if he's bi ??? Or even worse... Gay??? Then I'm definitely screwed. Not that I don't have anything against gays or bisexuals. Sorry to offend anyone that is or are. But just... What if ??? As far as I'm concerned he doesn t look like one. Idk.

What do you think ???

Write more as soon as possible


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