The Queen

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2018-10-18 16:06:05 (UTC)

I don't want any feelings

Dear Silkworm,
I have these feelings since January. And it doesn't stop. Feelings that can have no meaning now. çunku unıversıtesı ve o çoçük.
I have paper tomorrow and I wish I was at sea away from the world , away from my feelings . I guess I strengthened my feelings in the duration of Jan-Jun . By overanalyzing everything. No wonder if everyone fell for that thang.
Hareem said çunku o jolly and junaid would cennet her if he knew this. But if someone is better than some1 then ..
It's almost like don't overanalyze every situation . Don't . Don't overanalyze every word. Just don't .
Oh the passionate self talk. M you can do better than this . *But I can not say he's not worth me. How can anyone say he's not worth me. Or I'm crazy or it's . .. I can do better than overanalyzing .

Like sowing seeds near the shore .
Sit in a field of flowers where the breeze comes and the scent of flowers is scattered in the air and the shower soaks me to my core.
That is love . Human love . Not like this . Baba nahi krainge to 10 aur tariqe hain.
The world is a baby and I'm dying .