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2018-10-14 20:29:55 (UTC)


So I got a haircut and color too. Gotta get some of that grey outta there. Been going to the same salon for years now. I don't recall how but they know I broke up with what's her face and that they remembered me being very happy. I did state that I'm ok and I don't need to have a woman to be happy. Still sucked hearing it from my hairstylist though. Didn't open up any wounds bit pulled on the ban aid a little.

One thing they did state was the I have nice skin. I don't have wrinkles. I told them that I've had a very oily face for years. While others have dry skin, mine is always oily. They said that this is why I don't have any wrinkles. It's because it's like a natural moisturizer. I just shrugged and said ok I guess. But yeah, nice to not have any wrinkles on my face. And I know I shouldn't say this but the ex gf did say that I had very soft skin when she used to rub her hands up and down my arms.

So cool! One more compliment that I sure could use to build myself back up. My biggest concern right now isn't a big life freaking choice. I'm wondering if I can get up early enough to make the morning gym session and get to work at a appropriate time. I can't go to the session after work because I play darts tomorrow and I don't want my arms to feel like jello when I play darts. I need my fix so I'll try to give it a go in the morning session (which isn't as fun) but I gotta do what I gotta do. So there. I know I'm getting better when my biggest concern is how to get my workouts and my dart league not to conflict. Life is good :)

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