Experienced Life
2018-10-13 23:36:03 (UTC)

Soul is healing

So today, I had some fun. I no longer wake up pining for what's her face (ex gf). I don't have much anxiety about her anymore. I'm cool with seeing her posts on fb as I no longer "unfollow" her. I saw a couple of her posts. It's with gal peeps and they are out drinking. I'm glad that it doesn't bug me. She is bar hopping and I feel like she is just headed down just getting drunk. So yeah, I don't miss doing that with her. That's pretty much all she wants to do. Just drink and get fucked up. Not something she should be proud of so it helps me even more to not be with her.
Nothing against drinking. I'm all for it but this is what she does. She drinks when she'd be done at work, when we had dinner, and when she visits neighbors. Gong to her place in the past, I now recall our kiss greeting was always met with alcohol taste in her mouth. Usually rum or vodka.

First thing in the morning, I of course hit the crossfit class. It was great. I'm in the greatest shape of my life. No worries about being fat anymore. Now that it should be getting colder soon, I went to Costco and bought some winter clothes. I no longer fit in any of my sweaters or jackets so I'm starting to buy some here and there. From a fat XL now to a Med size. I love it :)

I had a fun day with my peeps. We went to a few vineyards and had some wine, cheese, cracker, salami, etc, etc. Then on the way back closer to home, I texted my now single friend to see if she wanted to hang out with us for dinner. She agreed and so we hooked up at this pretty good restaurant. Had some fun conversation and dinner. All the stuff we did I posted on facebook of course. I'm sure it bugs what's her face a little. Gotta poke the bear sometimes.

Going to hit the gym in the morning. Maybe take my motorcycle out for a drive :) I don't know why but I feel like something good is going to happen around the corner shortly. Can't wait for life to unravel and show me what it got for me :)