Do Not Disturb

2018-10-10 19:05:04 (UTC)

Now You Show Up

Dear journal,

I meant to write about this yesterday but oh well. Guess who finally decides to show up. You remember the " computer guy" right turns out he hasn't been in class in days. He showed up yesterday and when I saw him talking to the teacher and he just... Poof! Gone. And I have no idea why.

Was it because he saw me when he walked in ???

I mean I thought I liked him but he haven't once showed up to class and for days (not knowing why). Whatever. I don't care. That's him who's flunking. I think I'm the only one who's noticed besides the teacher himself.

And the sad part is is that he never once even tried talking to me he kind of stopped after the first two times and he usually sat by me but in the beginning of the semester but after that he just went from switching spots to not showing up at all.

I mean I know I could've at least talk to the guy first but I'm not so great with conversations as I am with writing.

And the only reason why I call him the " conputer guy " is because well he's in my computer class and he's a guy and also because I have no clue whatsoever what his name is ( even though we went over names of everybody in the class in the beginning of the semester but he wasnt their at the time... Or I just didnt pay him any attention).

I mean I could ask... But he barely shows up to class.

You think it's because of me???...

Nahhh.... I barely know the guy and the other reason why I didn't write yesterday was because of homework. And the fact that I just never got into it. Part of me wanted to and part of me didn't... So I didn't.

I could never imagine myself going a day without writing but I did. Oh well. I feel this emptiness if, I don't write everyday. I have to write and if, not everyday then whenever I get the chance to at least.

Anyways, I have so much homework to catch up on. In English I have a 71 ( which is a C). I have a B in math ( which is always my easiest subject ). But then theirs computer. I had a B but somehow someway it brought my grade down. Not way down. But down enough. I had a 74 in English but... But... Since I made a 75 on my English test it brought my grade down 4 points to a 71. At least it's still a decent grade. Right??? That's all that matters.

This whole Brian thing is getting out of hand. I have a boyfriend. But I guess he's right. I guess the only reason why I'm even "talking" to him is because if, theirs something bad that happens between me and my boyfriend and we end up breaking at some point then he's always their ( which will never happen because I love him to much ) . I honestly don't know what I want but he says he wants me. But I have a boyfriend.


I always go through situations like these and they never seem to stop.

Why I'm so complicated ???

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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