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2018-10-09 13:24:08 (UTC)

Teacher's Pet

I gotta say, I love my English tutor. He's a great guy. He tries so hard to help everybody succeed and he treats you like a friend, rather than a student. It's really nice. I know it sounds a bit weird when I say "He tries hard to help everybody" . You would expect every teacher to want to help, but you know what I mean! You know you get some teachers who simply don't give a shit or care about you? It makes you wonder why they even chose the profession in the first place. This guy wants to go the extra mile for everybody. I'm really glad he's my English teacher. He is perfect for me whilst I'm doing this course. I'm taking it by storm.

It feels like ever since I gave him my creative writing piece,I'm now the "main man", and I don't mind but I think he should probably ask other people to do things, rather than me who doesn't really need to be doing these things. I don't mean to sound elitist or arrogant but I know there are people here who are really struggling and I'm just pulling out A's left, right and centre. I had a sit down with him earlier today and he handed me back all of my work and was just blown away by it. I mean, it does make me feel good and I'm brimming with confidence now. I look forward to English every single week but, this is a foundation course at the end of the day. It shouldn't be difficult. I've had full marks in everything so far. I gave him my creative writing piece again today, because he asked me to edit it. He told me there was too much "telling" and not enough "showing", so I've made it a lot more descriptive for him. It was originally 3 pages but it's now 5. He finished marking everybody else's assignments but told me he would save mine until lunchtime. He said he didn't want to read it on an empty stomach, haha. It's not THAT bad, it's just deep I guess. I noticed on one of my papers he had marked "Excellent Edd! I can't wait for your creative writing piece!". It's always nice to be told you're doing well. We were reading out articles today, in regards to parents, children and obesity. He was originally going to read it but his eyesight is really poor at the moment. He needs to have an operation soon. SO who does he nominate? Me obviously. Not that I mind, I just wish he'd have a go with somebody else. Maybe he would then be able to identify if others were struggling with reading etc. But I got on with it, it's easy for me and he really enjoyed that too. He said I reminded him of some Liverpudlian poet or something. I don't sound remotely like I'm from there but I took it as a compliment, haha.

I've never got on well with a teacher like this before. I was really close with my drama teacher back in high school, he was my form tutor and it was my favourite subject. I think I'm determined to do well and impress this guy because English is what I'm here for. I've told him that I want to blitz this course and be on my way to University and eventually, hopefully should I say, become a sports journalist. I think sports journalist is what I've got my sights on but I'd love to cover video games too. I can't ever neglect the nerd in me.