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2018-10-08 06:25:51 (UTC)

Coping with being by myself again

So, another day of being single again. Nothing tragic. Just my ego wants to fuck with me and bring back stupid memories of the past. I'm dealing with it though. I know what I need to do to not let that beast out and fuck with my head. I'm trying 5 min of meditation in the morning and seeing how that goes. Not sure if it'll help but lots of people do it so there gotta be something about it that works and I'm always open to trying new things. I still do my short little core workout of setups and bicycle crunches but it was already hurting this morning because I think our crossfit did something like 5 core workouts in a row. Yesterday's workout circuit was full of core activities.

Also, I've read that I should smile for no reason whatsoever. Supposedly with the muscle memory of smiling, your brain will recall that it's a good moment and puts your brain in a better mood. Funny how people can figure stuff like his out huh? I didn't believe it but I tried it and there may be something to it. I gave it a try and there is a little wave of happiness that flows out of me when I do it. Gosh darn man!!!

However, nothing gives me as much stress relief and satisfaction as going to the gym. If you are sad and depressed, I strongly suggest you go to the gym and not just do regular gym stuff but join a crossfit class. There are all kinds of gyms offering that shit nowadays so find one. My gym is so cool. There are a lot of interaction with other gym members and you eventually form a little family of peeps working out at the same class time. That makes it even more fun to attend. It's almost like going out to go drinking with your friends, having fun and living the moment but instead, it's working out and not getting drunk.

The results will have lasting effects. You are less stressed and when you look in the mirror every morning, you feel a little better about yourself instead of waking up with a hangover wondering what happened the night before. I'm not even close to being fully recovered from my breakup but I have stopped checking out the ex gf on fb. I don't email or even try to call. Doing my best to be myself again and maybe even a little better than before. Slowly but surely, I will get out of this slump. I know there will be some bad days ahead but this time, unlike the past few years, I'm not giving up. I'm not going to die emotionally without a fight. I'm bigger, better, and stronger emotionally than when I was in the past.