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2018-10-07 13:14:52 (UTC)

Sick friend

Poor Jenny. She is sick physically too. She broke up with her dude and so today, she wasn't able to go to the hike we had planned on Angel Island and see the blue angels perform. So, I went to my crossfit class instead. Loved it as usual. Killed it too. Jenny has been down in the dumps so I'm trying to help her by telling her what I'm doing to cope. Funny how I can find the strength to be there for my friend even though I myself am struggling to just get through the day. But it is getting better and helping my friend does help me better cope with my own crap.

I practiced the uke last night. There is some progress but my dang fingers are hurting from holding the chords. I weighed in at 153. Not like the 149 I was before. That was a tad bit too light I think. Well, we'll see how I look in a couple of months.