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2018-10-06 15:58:31 (UTC)

A Year Older

Dear journal,

Well, I can finally say... Happy birthday to meeeee... I can now say that... I'm 20 years old motherf*ckers.

Excuse my language I know that I'm as excited as I am to tell you about this in my diary. So excited that I'm doing my weird little dance thing on the inside but on the outside I'm smiling hard as fuck. I've been waiting for this day and now it's here.

My aunt had gave me my own personal cake and I got even two more journals from both my mom and my brother. I know shocking yet true and he also even gave me a card but only because my mom forced him to or he was just being thoughtful because it was my birthday.

9:39 PM - I just got home not to long ago and I had a great day today. I had $30 but now I have $22 dollars instead but its whatever. I had a party they surprised me. I honestky had a great birthday today even though i didn't get to spend it with my dad.

I tried tasting margarita for the first time but it didn't taste as good as the one that I had at Applebee's so maybe that wasn't my first time tasting it..... No worries... I only took a sip. Not so bad if, I say so myself but this one right here was to strong for me. It even tasted more worse when it's added salt. I mean who puts salt in a margarita... Besided my mom.

And then my boyfriend came. I mean It would be a bummer if, he didn't come.

Overall, everyone wished me a happy birthday. I had a great one at that. Two cake leftovers. The other one already has been eaten up ( except for my name) . I haven't even touched the one that my auntie had gave me this morning.

My dad said that he will make up for both me and my brother birthdays he just don't have a job at the moment. Fine by me. As long as I had a good time is fine by me.

Me and him took some pictures before we left and so I can put it as my profile pic on Facebook.. And I did... And we look so darn cute together.

P.S. Theirs nothing wrong with wanting to wear natural makeup. Nope. Not at all.

P.S.S. I saw a homeless guy who almost got ran over and didn't even care... And while crossing the street. I kinda felt bad for him as he layed down on the ground and with no shoes on.... Only socks....No family.... No nothing. Be grateful no matter what you're going through or you'll end up like.. That.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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