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2018-10-06 06:11:08 (UTC)

Should be a nice day today

So I'll be going to the morning crossfit class today only because there are no afternoon classes on weekends. After that, my friend invited me to hang out at her place with a few other peeps. I guess I can say her name to make it less confusing. Her name is Jenny. She is smart, cute, hard working, owns her home, single Mom, and also recently broke up with her man. We have been friends for a few years now and we are close. We are on the same brain waves. We can almost finish each other's sentences. She is like a Sister that I never had. She is awesome.

Funny thing is our ex's have similar qualities. Both will just split after an argument. I mean split up split. Kinda funny in a way but not really funny of course. So right now, we talk and we bounce off thoughts between each other and are helping each other get our self esteem and confidence back along with healing. Slowly but surely anyway we will be back to our fun selves again like we used to.

It should be a good day today.

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