Do Not Disturb

2018-10-05 23:54:22 (UTC)

Second Thoughts

Dear journal,

6:54 PM : I honestly had second thoughts on why I shouldn't want to write today for several reasons.... But their are certain things that I need to get off of my chest.

As you may know, tomorrow's my birthday... Whoop! Whoop! Exciting I know..... I know.. But the problem is is that I'm suppose to be spending my birthday weekend with my dad but no gas no come.

So, instead tomorrow I will go to my " aunt's" house instead. I'm turning 20 tomorrow you guys. Wow! Ikr. I had a morning class from eight to ten but eventually he let us out at nine instead.... Lucky us.

I wanted to take a nap so bad when I got home but it was no use. I kept being called for to do things. And my mom has the audacity to get mad at me because I forgot to wash one single thing and she kept going on and on about how everyone needs to wash their own dishes blah,blah,blah. But when I ask the peoole that live in this househole to wash the dishes no one ever does it but I'm the one who's always getting yelled at. See what I mean you guys.

I was going to go ahead and wash the pan or whatever because I had tostitos pizza roll for dinner last night but noooo... She snatched it right out of my hand... Well more like took it out if my hand... When I even agreed to clean up the mess that I made so she won't have to.

But oh well. I just ended up sweeping anyways.

Sometimes I hate cleaning up more than,anything.

Sometimes when I'm writing it absolutely makes no sense. Like now I'm just babbling on... And on... And on... And on.... Okay.... Ima stop.

I finally took those nails of that I call fake ( because they were ). And besides they were in the way of everything.

My Grandma had given me an early birthday present. Of coarse she gives me a diary that even has a lock on it including a Mickey mouse shirt ( that was suppose to be my mom's but she'll get over it) , diary of a wimpy kid crossword puzzles ( I mean its a puzzle ), long sleeve shirt, a pair of hot pink Capri pants, ect,ect....

So far, only one person wished me happy birthday on Facebook... Even thought it wasn't actually my birthday... Not until tomorrow... But I thanked him and hearted it anyways. The comment... Not him.

Like I know the guy and besides we only talked once and it was only about something he posted on his story on messenger. Remember. Boyfriend here. I mean how can you forgrt over the countless thousand times I've mentioned him in my past diary entries of this year. Okay... Now I'm done.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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