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me and my life
2018-10-05 14:39:18 (UTC)

some pains are forever

In my life there is only one pain which is forever, My dad's dominance. He has taken birth just to make nuisance and trouble us mostly to my mom. My heart really aches because we have no way to get this nuisance away and he bothers my mother so much that she is mentally getting disturbed. He had also taking pills . she says she feel lethargic and her heads spins and feels uncomfortable in head. I am afraid she might take it more mentally and her health gets affected. I have heard some people come on this universe to suffer and I believe she has. I pray to god for her every single day but my prayers gets on deaf ears.
I'll try to make her happy but, materialistic things is not what she needs. i should make her proud and make her happy by showing that everything is fine and all good life. this has been a long term problem I feel so helpless that I am not able to solve this also she is not helping herself because she doesn't want to run away from her responsibility of being a good wife, but to be a good wife she doesn't have to torture herself. who will make her understand... god how long are you going to do this feel her and pity her. I beg you.

Please god don't feel me regret of trusting you blindly.