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2018-10-04 09:57:54 (UTC)

Ride or Die is my sis

So this one is somewhat I miss since i have been away .... So you want to know what has happen in Auguest/ September however isnt going be said so thats not going happen.. Not even now so there. So will start with my best friend that has been my ride or die childhood girl. i give her so much of my soul to her. She and i have been through dark shit and now living comfortable as possible while making herself and future to be only hers. No one is Perfect and now all i want to feel comfortable with my limitations and more than that i have been careful of my trust with my close ones too... I have be pull to shut up and listen for years, now am a lame pushover ... Its literally pathetic to be an adult with an a CP . So i begin to think of my future like its only thing actually fucking wanting to be mine.... So as for my ride or die best friend that i call her sis, shes one of god parent to my future child, i have quite a-lot more respect towards her than anyone likes to think of me....Just last thursday her gf surprised with younce tickets and i got a ticket as well..i havent gone too a concert in 10 yrs that when was just 14 years old and went go see early 2000's artist that you love as a 90s baby...Now as for now a new title want to be ...howvever isnt going be yet.. mom simply.. But as for two years i want to feel acceptable to everyone not just my CP. I want to elope to anyone that will accept my flaws and hopefully be that in two years.. Clear some confusion bout two years ago in oct 2016 it was suppose to be 4 years now its been 6 years that set my soul on here that spill my fears and darkness of loneliness that kill me... Now given my soul to my sis and a bit too someone that cares well stated of existed to be someone... So lay my dying wish unclear to be seen in my paper heart of hope to be erase. Am i ready to be someone new of me or foreseen shadow of it... Within a week ill see my sis once again where her furr babies give soo much damn love that i always miss and each time.. Take care Foreseen shadow.