Do Not Disturb

2018-10-03 05:34:53 (UTC)

He Told Me He Loves Me

Dear journal,

11:21 PM - At the kitchen table

So, Brian just told me that he " loves me". I mean he can't love me I have a boyfriend and he knows that no matter how many times he gets tired of me saying that.

I mean he can't possibly love me out of all the people in the world he chooses me. Okay, Yea we have been friends for quite a while now. A long while.

But why tell me now.

Why not tell me before I had a boyfriend and ummm I don't know... SINGLE that you have feelings for me ? It's good that I'm not ugly... But damn.

Why make thia difficult on me now ?

I guess I've sort of had feelings for him to but I have a boyfriend and we're just friends. And we just started back talking ever since I moved back to my hometown.

I should've never textes him in the first place

He should've never texted me back and now it's to late. For me. For him... Idk.

I've always knew he liked me I just always have had boyfriend's. Lots and lots of them before and we're ONLY friends. For a long time.

Guess who texted my mother to see how I was doing... My ex... The guy who made my life a living hell and didn't give a shit about it. Now he wanna crawl BACK. Well, it's to late. He's dead to me. He stalked me and other crazy things. I wrote an entry about him a while back. You'll understand once you've read.

Their was a lot of people who made my life a living hell... Including my bully. But she's blocked . And that she will remain. She told me to go kill myself and stuff all because I went out with her ex who broke up with me to go back out with her. Now does that make any sense at all. Long story short... He married the evil bitch. At least that's what I heard.

He's a load of shit anyways and as of that he to is also blocked. And the sad part is I've actually thought about hurting myself and I've done it before. I'm never scared to do it again but I won't because of my mom finding out. She always does. She did the first time I tried it but that was before I switched schools and it got even worse for me but I graduated and I'm " living my best life". Along with my previous of ex's from the past. But I rather not talk about it.... At least not now. Maybe in another entry.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One