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2018-10-02 20:56:02 (UTC)

Glad I'm back at the gym

So I'm back at the gym after going camping. Left for camp last Friday and returned on Sunday. I worked out Mon and today and it feel effing fantastic to be back. I was pretty bad when I wasn't working out at camp. Your mind can bring up so shitty feelings when your body is at idle. Just an hour of crossfit makes the body and mind feel so much better.

Later, I went to my 2nd ukulele lesson. Loved it. It's so much fun. Today was a good day for me. I believe I have a date tomorrow. Going to play pool and maybe I'll cook dinner for my POF#1 date. Sorry, I won't name names to protect the innocent. lol. it's our 2nd date (If she shows up).

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