Experienced Life
2018-10-02 09:38:39 (UTC)

Admitting my errors

So, I know the ex gf had some issues but I'm not so unaware that I can't admit my faults too. My ex gf indicated that she liked the idea or a relationship with a man (meaning me). However, she said she had to take care of her family and her Mom and it took too much of her time. I did tell her and said to her that why she didn't ask me to come up to bat and I would've jumped in gladly to help make her life and her family's life easier. Nothing major. Just maybe take her kiddo out for a bike ride while Mom is tired. Play catch with him. Maybe take her and her Mom out to dinner once in awhile, etc, etc.

So I recall telling her I could have taken some of the responsibilities and why she didn't ask. Well, I have to now admit that I as a man should have just done it and not talk the talk. If there was something my ex gf didn't want me to do, she would have said something. I can't regret this and can't say sorry for this because at the time, I was doing my best and was not aware of this at the time. I'm a new person now so this is entirely a different view on life.

I have to say that although this breakup hurt me a lot, it is for the best and I needed to experience it to grow. I'm not jumping for joy that we broke up but I am now a better man for it. I now know I'm a better person for it and it had to happen for me to grow.

Just remember peeps, there are good things that can be learned from bad events. Just need to have an open mind about it. I also know it takes two so I also know it's not all on me. She had her issues too. Whether or not she can admit to it, that's on her and I'm not trying to change or fix her. This is all for my own self improvements.