The Queen

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2018-09-30 03:15:14 (UTC)


Dear Silkworm,
Those eyes would roam and e'd score a 70 ve ben ? ben arkadaşler gibi . O gp kaçar , bilmem. Nasıl sorabilirim?
I miss em. I'm failing. A disappointment and a failure failing once again. What have I made myself into! 50-9= 41 programs remaining. >_< .
- But I want .. -Shhh -But I -Shh -I just want -NO YOU DON'T why is THIS so HARD for you to Understand? Get this through your thick brain. It WILL NEVER BE. KHALLAS!
-BUTIWANTA -for God's sake , e's only a human get over em.
Finding solace in where it can not be found. I'm a wasted stale pudding. I can't take this anymore. Even if it does become known, there will be no difference , I swear. Because it's me. Obviously, live face to face conversations are difficult 'cause I'm so quiet even my friend said why I was being shy like she was my boyfriend..
//Nope no boyfriends . Those beings don't exist in my dictionary. Feelings do but not them.
The truth is this world doesn't exist for me. It doesn't . This fake fake world. Only the landscapes do. -AndI StilFeellikeiwantem -NO
-IwantemIwantemIwantem -You crazy being keep quiet and make your head quiet. What rubbish it brings up everytime. There's nothing common except for puffs. It would never do love , never.
-The Batman has nothing to do with, em nothing. I'm a stale bread in Arkham Asylum.... ^sighs

1||Don't disclose feelings
2||Don't get married
3||Never have any children
4||Live in an imaginary place
5||Forget earth and live in mountains and let eagles hover over my head
6||Leave technology
7||Let joker be my inspiration||Because we all are sick and belong in an asylum.
♫I live in asylum----John Lennon♫

Monday is close and I wish I were really sick physically so I could have a real excuse . Mental sickness and breakdown do not help.