The Queen

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2018-09-29 23:45:36 (UTC)

24 hours shutdown

Dear Silkworm,
14 minutes left . And I've this request to not think about him , not try to reach him, no A.G for a day. I don't know how that is going to go. I type too much for unnecessary peoples liking but it doesn't matter to my friend. It agitates but they go along with it. For some people writng it out is the only way to say things they can't otherwise even though it takes forever to read. But to those we matter would always find the time to read and we're okay with it because we know they'll never mind the never ending long texts.
9 yet .
A very long tiresome sleepy day çunku events that occur do that. Either way it wasn't going well. Till the feelings remain nothing can be well. Even though I constantly keep checking my ig .
Once I remember I promised my diary to write in every day but then boom ka boom.
5 more minutes to 12 am
still 9 because time .. procastinating.
This going to be a bad semester . Why am I even here? Ah! If I were among the flowers there'd have been reptillian animals I could not deal with. #waitingforparadise
2 more minutes.
I don't know yet .
1 minute.
And Kaboom