deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2018-09-28 17:10:09 (UTC)

my Assignment.....

i apologize for not tending to this assignment earlier. As i noted the week turned into an extremely busy one for me and all i can hope is that You understand.

You asked me to write about my feelings for being Yours and for that morning on My vacation and what i was thinking. First, there are many times during a given day or week that i think of You. The smallest thing can trigger a thought. It could be at work and seeing something visual, or it could be watching a TV show, or it could be in bed with my “other” husband. On that particular day on vacation i woke before him and just layed awhile thinking. My thoughts turned a but amorous and then for whatever reason i thought of You – of what it would be like to wake next to YOU rather than him. It aroused me. The unknown aroused me. The thought of waking you with my mouth wrapping around Your cock aroused me. So i did it and the whole event was me and You. How he woke and spoke in a gravelly just-woke-up voice and reached down and cradled my head in his hands – just as though it was You. And when he exploded and i collected it all before swallowing it, it was Yours. And after i swallowed thoroughly i edged up and kissed him (he would not have been happy had it still been in there! 😊), and it was You.

So that was that day, and now a story about a more global feeling of being Yours.
Recently i’ve gotten into a habit of listening softly to background music on my computer while doing work that wasn’t very cerebrally demanding. What i typically do is go to Youtube and play a song that comes to mind and then just let it stream from that one to other random songs of similar genre. On a recent day while listening to many successive songs i came across one that has really grown on me, and it seemed fitting to share with you to sort of illustrate my emotions to this question and assignment. (As a side note i think the girl singer in this band has an absolutely amazing voice, especially for her young age at the time. i wonder if any of them are even still alive today.)
Anyway, i’ve pasted the lyrics below and also provided a link to a Youtube version of them performing it. i hope it helps explain my feelings and emotions, because……..

i truly will never find another You!

I'll Never Find Another You
(The Seekers)

There's a new world somewhere
They call the promised land
And I'll be there someday
If you could hold my hand
I still need you there beside me
No matter what I do
For I know I'll never find another you

There is always someone
For each of us, they say
And you'll be my someone
Forever and a day
I could search the whole world over
Until my life is through
But I know I'll never find another you

It's a long, long journey
So stay by my side
When I walk through the storm
You'll be my guide, be my guide
If they gave me a fortune
My pleasure would be small
I could lose it all tomorrow
And never mind at all

But if I should lose your love, dear
I don't know what I'd do
For I know I'll never find another you
But if I should lose your love, dear
I don't know what I'd do
For I know I'll never find another you
Another you, another you