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2018-09-28 20:53:59 (UTC)

Self Control=Paradise

"I can't be attracted to somebody who doesn't want me back. That's not attractive. That's masochism right there. That's what it is. It's this wierd thing we do to ourselves. Unrequited love.. Unrequited love.. Like it's a romantic thing. "I love him." "I love him." "I love him." What's the problem ? "He doesn't love me back.." What the fuck is wrong with you? That's not love by the way. That's not love. That's worship, and it's a completely different thing. Love has to go both ways. You can't sit there and love someone in isolation. That's not love. That's not love. It's a weird thing and we become attached to this idea of unrequited love, 'cause it somehow gives us a righteous cause to chasing someone who treats us like shit, and it's not cool. It's ugly. It's really really ugly, and it has to be given it's proper name, because it is ugly, and it is one of the most self-destructive traits we have when we're not feeling enough. " - Matthew Hussey

This exceptional theory was presented by Gregg Braden, the American author who is famous for his theories for treating cancer.
Namely, he claims that our emotions have an influence on our DNA and that the power of collectivized thoughts, such as prayer and suggestion, can help us cure all types of physical diseases.
Cancer Cells

The effects of cancer can be stopped by intent awareness on the synergy between the manifestations and our thoughts, and there is a field that unites everything.

The field he names is proven and explained scientifically in the leading science journal Nature No. 332 in 1996.

Control over emotions and thoughts

Our thoughts and emotions create electromagnetic fields, and their waves can reach up to one meter in our body.

Nikola Tesla also stated that in the future people will create electric power using the power of their thoughts, and this means that our thoughts can be an extremely strong source of energy. ((^Mlv^This right here is the talk about paradise , we'll think and it'll happen , all because we were able to direct our thoughts to which that was the truth. Our thoughts are powerful and they are when we can control them ^in paradise..))

But, here we talk about powerful and focused thoughts as opposed to the mixed up thoughts about everything we feel and see. Collective thoughts may create an extremely powerful electromagnetic field and have an impact on the environment.

After the establishment of this technique, this will no longer be a fiction but a serious technology that will present the basis for treatment.

A Chinese hospital recorded a video which is a real proof. The video shows the elimination of a cancer with a size of 3×2.5 centimeters in about three minutes, and follows the whole process on an ultrasound screen.

If you want to produce strong electromagnetic radiation you need to learn to control your feelings and emotions, as well as to enhance them with practice.

Feelings can change the DNA
((^Mlv^Hence we can alter our DNA and the DNA in the next generation.))
Our emotions and feelings are like mirrors. Everything we do is reflected in the environment so we receive the same thing we have in ourselves.

For example, if you say: “Someday I will be happy, or I will be cured or find a new job etc.…” the mirror will tell us whether these things are going to come true.

But, if we feel and say that we are changing here and now, as if this is actually happening, an alteration in our DNA will occur and we will really change ourselves.
((^Mlv^ I'm becoming a queen with standards. And I become a queen!!With standards.))
Almost all scientists claim that our emotions and faith are not associated to our lives and especially the occurrence and treatment of diseases, however, psycho-oncology ((^Mlv^♥♥♥)) claims the opposite.

It is our emotions, thoughts, faith and feelings that have the power to control everything that is happening in our lives and ourselves.

Don’t forget that emotions can change our DNA! ((^Mlv^♥♥♥))

((^Mlv^It doesn't matter of what religion Gregg belongs too. All that matters is that I can put the pieces of the puzzle together and know why we go where we go in the hereafter. ^Mlv^ and I personally love this information and what it teaches . It's almost indescribable .. This information is a GEM! ♥))