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2018-09-28 06:28:24 (UTC)

Life360 is the devil

I would suggest that app never be used for a relationship. I recall my ex gf that was still my gf at the time suggested it. I said that I didn't want it and it was like stalking someone. I only agreed to it one day because we got lost when we went to the Sant Cruz boardwalk with a group of people and I succumbed to loading the app so we could find each other.

Now I think back and should never have loaded that app. It's stupid. It's like going into your spouses laptop or phone checking out where they are. Stupid stuff and it can be addicting. It may have led me to start becoming needy wondering where my gf (at the time) is and she the same. So... I would suggest to never ever load that thing and connect with your special person. For your family like your kids, brother, sister, etc, then that's fine. Even friends, I guess that too would be ok. Just never use it for your other significant other. Do not ever use it for that.

I have it still but only for my Sister that lives in Southern CA. We plan on going on a vacation together next month and we'll meet at the same airport at around the same time so that is what it's purpose is for. Just friends, siblings, and family. Again, never ever agree to having it synced up with your lover.