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2018-09-27 23:28:07 (UTC)

The gym saved me

I recall awhile ago when I was going through a divorce, adultery, bankruptcy, etc, etc, all at the same time, I couldn't deal with it so well. I was a mess is an understatement. Now, I am going through some crap again. Just a painful even thought it's not as crazy as before. However, the pain isn't as bad as before. I only now realize it's because I go to the gym. That shit does have some chemicals that gets stirred up (my scientific talk) that makes it easier to deal with. I do stress but it's not crazy ugly like before. Now, it's more of a dull ache but controllable.

So I am grateful for the gym. What's cool is the more I go there to relieve my stress and to forget the pains for a couple hrs, it has long term effects. Drinking alcohol to resolve you problems for a short term works too but after that, you physically feel like shit. But with the gym, you go and get your stress out but the long term results is that your body gets in shape and when you look in the mirror as you drag your ass out in the morning, you sometimes can put a smile on your face because you see the difference. But unlike alcohol, it's a good difference.

So if you folks out there are stressed, lonely, wanting to hurt yourselves, feeling so dang alone, I got you. Believe me, I understand exactly how you feel. Just know that hitting the gym, specifically a crossfit type class where you become friends with other members around you is one of the biggest life saving things you can do for yourself. I can say for sure that the gym saved me.

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