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me and my life
2018-09-27 18:06:36 (UTC)


I have 2 more months to go to be unemployed person and its dreaking me out beacause if anything that makes me depress is being unemployed. To gain mental peace I have to approach other way but eventually that is also going get me mental 🙄😂😂😂
No peace in life I tell you...
Also v's mom and dad have not come yet. Their dates kept on procrastinating and now its dec😂this has made me go bonkers and innumerable fights argument and he getting made frustrate that I promised him that I won't ask him now about his parents coming to meet, this will make me upset buy for him I'll b mum.
Lets see in dec baby... God knows what is going to happen.
Today I was feeling bad, I don't know about what? I was depressed n not feeling happy. Also I have decided that Ill not share much of my problems with v and bother him. That really bad as partners are for sharing and caring but for his caring I have to stop sharing my worries and make him more worried.
There are many many things which are worring me but I have decided to be worryless at the end of the day.
Job - gid knows when ill get good jon
Marriage- I guess my wedding will be in 2019 which is totally against my wish. Also that means my car will be un used for another 1 yrs and nothing can be more sad than knowing this and it aches my heart so much and makes me feel stupid for investing in things which has become my liability. My heart aches even with the tought. Phewww and many more.... Like dad and mom.

Ok now I don't want to get streesed gn ill write more often now as i can onlu share here.