Do Not Disturb

2018-09-25 22:18:34 (UTC)

So Theirs This Guy...

Dear journal,

Theirs this guy in my reading class who flirts with every girl he sees and who thinks is attractive he even tried flirting with me by asking change for a ten. I don't know if, that even counts as flirting and get this he even flirted with a deaf person/girl but I wouldn't think he would know that the girl was deaf to begin with. I swear guys would do anything to get a girl's attention especially him he's not even all that attractive. I'm not trying be mean or anything but..... It's the truth and nothing but the truth.

I need to read more but I seem to be more into my phone than anything. And into this diary more than anything. Since, I am after all a writer but not as a full or part time job but it should be.

I've never mentioned this before but guess who I happened to see on the street that I live on... my ex Jimmy that's who ( now I can say his real name since we don't talk... Anymore ) riding a bike and this was like a month ago but anyways the only reason he broke up with me because we rushed into things (which we kinda did).

I was kinda bummed out about it because I liked him and I liked the way we kissed but I cried my eyes out even though we've only been out for like a week ( hey call me emotional all you want ) and I thought he would've wanted to at least try and be friends but did he... Nope.

And so I blocked him and that was that and he's been blocked ever since and I haven't once heard from him ever since... Ever since he broke up with me.

But hey love never last forever. Well, for most people. And that most people is me.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One