Do Not Disturb

2018-09-24 22:19:41 (UTC)

Babysitting Part 3

Dear journal,

If I'm gonna continue to babysit my cousin then I will have no choice but to get at least $5 dollars an hour. I'm not gonna keep continuing to babysit someone unless I'm getting paid. People should know me better than, this. But since he's family... And my cousin... I guess I can let this one slide. Besides this will be a life lesson learn for me to never have kid.

I thought this guy in my math class was "flirting" with me or, he could just be talking up a conversation since,he's in my English and both math class. He looks more of a nerd than, anything. Not that I have a problem with them before. I to once ...or twice dated a nerd... Didn't go so well since, he was much more into his video games then, he ever did me. I wouldn't think it would work out anyways since, we had nothing on common. I would only think of him as a friend.

But I could never tell if, a guy is flirting with me. Yeah, I'm that bad. But I mean I do have a boyfriend after all.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One