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2018-09-24 09:02:25 (UTC)

Checking out a different Relationship coach

So, I've been learning a lot from these relationship coaches. I've mainly been following one group only. Recently, I am now checking out another one just to see. He has a different perspective on things that is pretty different from the ones I'm following right now. It's interesting and I do like his perspective on things. I may start using him as it sounds pretty interesting and may be better than the ones I'm using right now.

Nothing to lose anyway. Not like I'm with anyone so I'm using it more like a self improvement thing and I know I have things to work on.
Texted my 1st POF date and we have a 2nd one setup. We are both busy so we won't see each other till 10/3. I got camping this weekend and another big project at work to work on this week. I also start my first ukulele lesson tomorrow. I'm excited and a little nervous about that. Can't wait. :)

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