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2018-09-23 22:59:35 (UTC)

Buying shit just cuz

So today, my buddy and I woke up too late to go fishing. We ended up just watching the game and having breakfast with him and his family. After that, I went shopping!!! I'm a guy but I love shopping. We have an a place called Folsom Outlets and lots of stores there that sell some good stuff. First stop was the Bose store. I have a few speakers in the house that I use. One is a large Beats Pill that I have in my family room that is hooked up to Alaxa. Another big setup with a woofer set up in the living room where my pool table is. I needed on for my bedroom and one to take when I go camping and stuff so I bought two different bose bluetooth speakers. They sound amazing!!! I love them.

I also bought a big ass 1 quart pyrex glass. I was getting tired of filling the little ones when I make a big ass batch of something. Now I can use it and not have to worry about it melting or cracking with the heat. I also bought a pair of under armor shoes for working out. Finally, I bought a nice leather jacket for when I go to Manhattan next month. I may be cold at night so I bought one. All my jackets droop over me now anyway so I needed to buy the correct size.

I just love shopping. Now that the ex is not around, I have money again!! And this time, I'm spending it on me. No more sending 125 dollar bouquets to what's her face's office. No more Dooney and Burke bags. No more boots. No more 100 dollar dinners. Yeah, I gotta say I forgot all about that stuff. Now that I wrote it down, I'm feeling much better already :)

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