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2018-09-24 02:32:52 (UTC)

So far so good

So I'm doing well at the moment, been living in my own place for a couple of months now and I'm enjoying it a lot. Works going well too, I can really feel myself getting comfortable in my role which is nice.

I'm poorly and not sleeping well so decided to log into my old tumblr account and I've been reading my old posts - I've honestly not given myself enough credit for how far I've come with my mental health. Looking back at the stuff I used to write about got me thinking about the days on end I used to spend sat in my own filth, not getting up to eat or use the toilet for whole days at a time and just reading posts about how desperate I was for male attention because my own self worth was so poor - it's honestly really sad to look back at. I didn't necessarily think I was the picture of perfect mental health now but I am honestly and truly in a good place at the moment and I feel like I'm actually living my life.

Note to self - stop trying to rush through your life, you have a lot of time for marriage and children. Go explore, be happy, be loved and don't wish it all away.

I love that I think I'm super deep and inspiring in these diary entries.

Just keep doing you girl, turns out you're not half bad at it.

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