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2018-09-22 06:37:13 (UTC)

Checked my Fat % at the gym

I checked my fat% at the gym. I recall when I first started, I was at 36%. Yipes!! That was back Sometime in Aug 2017. Fast forward to yesterday and I'm now at 19.6%!!! Yeah!! I'm happy!!! I'm not a basketball 10% body fat person and I'm not a basketball player but I am very happy with this! I started crossfit just to be able to take my kayak around the lake without being exhausted. Then I kept going because I was really happy with life ( Just started dating my gf at the time) and I had a lot of extra happy energy. Now that I'm sad/depressed, I go even more as it is my stress relief and puts me in my happy place at least for an hr or two.

When I get in or out of the shower, I'm no longer that guy with an inner tube looking body. Now I have some definitions on my abs and a slight V going on. Little definitions on my arms too when a year ago, I could've been a stunt double for Sponge Bob Square pants. No kidding. I had the skinniest no muscle arms. I took a test once at a gym. They test your leg, arm, core strength and give you results on it. They said that my arms for my size and weight is only as strong as 30% of what it should be. It was true. I couldn't do a pushup at that time. I couldn't even do a bench assisted pushup. Not now. Now, I can run laps around the building faster then even 30 and 40 year olds. I can outlast way younger peeps working out. While they are exhausted and have to stop some of the cardio stuff, I keep going.

So, yeah! This is a confidence boosting thing. I'm so glad I go to this gym crossfit class. If not for this, I would really be in bad shape I think. So through this freaking mental storm I'm going through, I still have this and I am able to crack a smile or two in the morning. I know this bad stuff will end eventually. One day, I will look back and this and smile even more knowing I held up to the adversity. One day :)