Do Not Disturb

UnDiscovered Girl
2018-09-22 03:40:47 (UTC)

Best Thing I've Never Had

Dear journal,

I've decided to just be friends with Danny.

Well, not exactly but I'm getting their. I love my "boyfriend" to much to put him through this. I don't wanna cheat on him ( which may seem like it since, I'm talking to the other guy ).

They both told me they "love" me but my boyfriend loved me first so if, Danny doesn't wanna be friends then, that's fine by me. I'll just put him right back on my block list.

Besides I don't like how he's been talking to me lately even if, it's in a jokingly manner. Or, is it that I can't take a joke. Either way... I don't care. And I wouldn't think he does either.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One