Experienced Life
2018-09-21 06:09:45 (UTC)

Feeling better today

I have a gym friend that I've gotten closer to since going there. Nothing romantic. Just friends but she does go to church and is very into it. Last night, we texted each other. She knows what's going on with me. Sometimes it's hard to hide what I'm going through. When she's there doing the crossfit with me, we do have a lot of fun. Sometimes we're laughing while going through some of the stuff. Try working out while you're laughing. It's really hard to do. They usually divide us in a group of like 5 or 6. We sort of have our own little clickity-cliques. Our favorite thing we like is when they put us in a circle, we have two wall balls and we grab usually 15-20 lb ones. Then we have to pass the balls around to the next person while holding a squat. The fun part is we try to do it so fast and we have two balls going around. Sometimes the other person isn't aware the other ball is coming their way and slams into their chest. Or we toss it a little harder so that when you have to catch it, it still sort of comes at you pretty hard.

So we are tossing that freaking 20 lb wall ball around and we are laughing so hard sometimes that we forget we're even working out anymore. Just like a bunch of kids goofing around. The coach comes over and is impressed saying we are tossing the wall ball around so fast! haha. Next thing you know, the one hr class is done! Just like that. That's not all we do of course. We rotate and do lots of other stuff too. But this is how going to this gym is. Lots of camaraderie going around. Not like those other gyms where you walk it, get handed a towel and you have at it with the equipment.

After the gym class yesterday, I checked my weight and fat percentage on this machine at the gym. I drank a lot of water so I was at 154 lbs. I average 151 now. I think that's still under my ideal weight but it gives me room to party on weekends. lol. But the thing I liked even more was that I'm now below 20% body fat. Just over a year ago, I was at 36%. I know because I went on that same scale once. I'm now at 19.6 % which is great for me. Maybe just maybe, I will get a six pack in a year. I'll take a two pack for now but all this eating right and exercising is paying off and it does make me fell better about myself which I forget sometimes :) I look forward to what I'll accomplish if I keep at it in another year.

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