Do Not Disturb

2018-09-20 09:20:44 (UTC)

Computer Guy

Dear journal,

3:56 AM - Still Up

Theirs this cute guy who's in my computer class but then again could be gay but then again could be wrong. I should've just stayed single until someone new... Better came along. And I'm not saying that he isn't.

Anyways, I would always catch him starring at me. Okay, well I stare at him then, him with me. I doubt he's interested in me. We only talked like once and the second time he just said," Hey."

I thought he was gay at first but I don't know for sure. I can't just ask the guy. It would be embarrassing and awkward. Well, more awkward than, embarrassing. I should stop starring at him he's probably creeped out by it. But since he's in my class now and that I've never seen him before.

I have English test tomorrow ( today). I didn't study. I played attention in class so let's hope and pray I A's this test like I do on all of my homework with A's and B's except for like one where I made a low score on it that I wasn't proud of but we're not gonna go into details on that one.

And probably the lowest one yet that I've made thus far and will not happen again but it's only the beginning and my freshman year is almost coming to an end.

The next thing you know exams will be here ( which isn't until a couple of months or so ).

So, far enjoying college.. Community college... I love all my classes. Glad this isn't high school anymore.

Classes are pretty easy.

The most homework that I have is English. Reading not so much my teacher barely teaches ( which I guess is a good thing ) since, I have that class on a Friday morning from eight to ten.

He just gives us basic crossword puzzles and look at the words and the meaning of it. He gives us so many projects thtat I haven't even started on yet. And that he goes over.

But hey better late than, ever.

The only person who seems to understand me is my aunt but only because she claims to be " just like me" when she was my age until she got pregnant and never have I ever planned on having kids their to much hard work but as the adults say it their part of growing up. Or some shit like that. And even if, I plan on having a kid it would only be one and I would only and only want a girl but let's not give our hopes up just yet. I'm just not gonna honestly care if, it's a boy or girl. After that long talk we had and for the most part I kept zoning out ( which I have a habit of doing ).

Had math today ( which was yesterday ) did nothing but a bunch of assingments that we do online ( which is for the majority of the semester for this year ) ....

Lucky me.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One